Q: Who are Flacks Fitness?

Flacks Fitness is an independently run fitness centre inspired by Martin Flack and built on a dream and passion for fitness. Since Martin was thirteen years of age, he dreamed of opening his own fitness centre and making it the best that he could! Over sixteen years ago (after over twenty years in the industry), his dream came true...

Q: The price sounds too good to be true? What’s the catch for the membership fee being so low?

Well, quite simply, there is no catch! For a great low price you get full access to the gym, lots of free classes per week (both fitness and martial arts, including Zumba and Pilates), free Gym Inductions and help and advice from an Instructor. There are also changing rooms with showers, lockers, hair-dryers and saunas to relax in afterwards! Ahhhhh!

Q: Do you have classes?

Yes, oodles of them! They are all included in your membership and they are taken by fantastic instructors. Whether you like shaking ‘your thang’ in Zumba or love the variety of a circuit class, there is something for everyone and to suit all abilities. Click on the ‘Timetable’ tab for the full list.

Q: I’ve never used a gym before - will I be shown what to do?

Certainly, we have free Gym Inductions where you will be shown by an Instructor how to use the equipment and ease you in gently. If you forget what you’re doing though, it’s OK as there is always an instructor around to help. Also, when you're ready for a change there are loads of different programmes to pick and choose from! If you need a personalised plan of action, you can get a programme for just £20 too.

Q: Is the gym supervised and do you have staff?

We are open 24 hours and have staff here from 9am until 9pm through the week and from 9am until 3pm on a weekend. (Please note, bank holidays will vary.)

Q: I’ve heard that most gyms are smelly, dirty and full of meat-heads...is this true?

Some gyms are, but not here! We pride ourselves on keeping the gym clean with no smelly gym socks in sight! There are no meat-heads here either...just nice, friendly members!

Q: I’ve been going to gyms for years but find them boring!

With so many toys there really is no excuse to be bored - let one of our imaginative instructors show you how to use different stuff...
Or pick and choose from one of the many different workout cards?
Or do the Challenge of the Month?
Or why not try one of many classes?
Or try the outdoor training area?

Q: What equipment do you have in the gym?

We have tonnes of stuff, too much to list individually - below is a brief list and why not have a nosey at the gallery to see stuff for yourself!
* Cardio-wise we have got Treadmills, Cross-Trainers, Bikes (upright and recumbent) Steppers, Rowers, Step-Mill, E-Spinner and Turbo-Trainer.
* For resistance we have an extensive range of kit for every body part imaginable! We may be biased but we are the best equipped gym in the area!
* If free-weights are your thing, we’ve got Flat Bench Press, Decline Bench, Adjustable Benches, Smith Machines, Squat Rack, Plate Loaded Leg Press,
T-bar Row, Preacher, Barbells and Dumbbells up to 60kg!
* Or if you like to think outside the box, there is the functional training area where you will find Medicine Balls, Olympic Rings, Kettle-bells, Fit-balls, Bosu’s and TRX.
* If all the equipment in the gym isn’t enough for you, there are two large studios, a spinning room and an outdoor functional training area (with Tyres, Monkey-bars, Sled & Battle Ropes) to get some fresh air!

Q: Do you have a car park?

Yes, there are over 120 car parking spaces available for our members.

Q: What are your opening hours?

24 hours a day - 7 days a week!

Q: That all sounds great, how do I join?

Call us on 01274 402 599 to arrange to pop in.